Cristina Sandino

Cristina “Nina” Sandino

Cristina Sandino

Cristina “Nina” Sandino, Teacher for African Jazz Contemporary & Caribbean Carnival

Cristina “Nina” was born in 1986 in Nicaragua. She studied there at the ‘Universidad nacional de Ingeniería’ and received  her Master in Architectur.

In Vienna she attended the MUK ‘Musik und Kunst PU’ (former KONS ‘Konservatorium Wien PU’) and received her BA in contemporary dance education.

Since 2007 she is dancer in “Tepenahuatl”, the nationalen folklore ballet if Nicaragua (Director: Blanca Guardado, “Creativity Award” by the World Intellectual Property Organization).

She is member of the theatre society “Drugo*s”, theatre acts: “Lágrimas sobre el musgo” in Biblioteca Alemana, Managua 2009, performance and exhibition “Materia Bruta” in MGA-LAB, Managua 2009.

Further Performances:

  • Dancer in “Suppression” (choreography: Akino Distelberger) in Young Professionals on Stage! In Festspielhaus, St. Pölten, October 2015.
  • Dance solo “Structures” (choreography: Cristina Sandino): ADEB Contemporary Dance Festival (Associazione Danza e Balletto), Udine, Italy 2016.
  • Dance solo “Encounters” (choreography: Cristina Sandino), Frankfurt 2016.
  • Performance “Mora Infinita” in Ufer Studios for contemporary dance in Berlin, Germany 2017.
  • Dancer in „Danza y Frontera“ (choreography: Amanda Piña) in Halle G, Museums Quartier in Vienna, Austria October 2018.

Her choreographical and ecucational engagement led to projects with “Tanz die Toleranz” in Austria and Moldavia, and with the International Charity Children Flotilla “Kids for freedom” in Turkey, etc.

Since 2011 she lives and works as self-employed dancer and choreographer in Vienna and as of the summer semester 2019 she is also part of Kristina’s Broadway Connection team.

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Sommer Fest @ KBC 2019

No.WorkshopLevelDate & TimePrice
17Contemporary Kids (9-12 Y.)
with Cristina “Nina” Sandino
0/IMo, 12.08.2019 - We, 14.08.2019
16:30 - 17:30 h
Price: € 42
18Contemporary Teens (13+ Y.)
with Cristina “Nina” Sandino
I/IIMo, 12.08.2019 - We, 14.08.2019
17:30 - 18:45 h
Price: € 46
22Latin Jazz Youth/Adults (15+ Y.)
with Cristina “Nina” Sandino
0/ITu, 27.08.2019 - Th, 29.08.2019
19:30 - 20:45 h
Price: € 46
   Workshops take place as of 5 participants!