Dima Fugger

Dima Fugger

Dima Fugger, Teacher for Urban Styles & Hip Hop (Photo: Gerry Frank Photography)

Already as kid Dima Fugger was fascinated by dancing, especially Michael Jackson’s moves inspired and influenced him.

In the dance studios of Nora Mackh and Kamila’s Showdance Academy Dima gained solid knowledge in showdance, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. In many workshops both domestic and abroad, like the famous “Studio 68” in London or “Detlef d’Soost” in Berlin, he deepend his understanding in many styles from ballet to hip hop.

His dance style is inspired by world known urban choreographers like Jawn Ha (Isolated Hip Hop), Franklin Yu (Isolated Hip Hop), Bam Marin (Hip Hop), Scott Forsyth (Hip Hop), Josh Taiwan Williams (Urban), Lyle Beniga (Hip Hop), Vingh Nguen (New Style), EZ Twins (New Style).

Since 2015,  Dima choreographs successfully for competitions. He conveys moments of success to his students while keeping discipline and fun. Basics and grooves are his speciality, enhanced with choreographies in combination with fast and slove movements along commercial hip hop songs.

Dima Fugger Dima Fugger