Gabriela (Gee) Ercin

Gabriela “Gee” Ercin

Gabriela (Gee) Ercin

Gabriela (Gee) Ercin, Teacher for Hip Hop

Gabriela – or how she is known as “Gee” – found her joy in dancing at a young age.

Already as teenager she enjoyed Dance Battles and Dance Competitions.

In addition to many Hip Hop workshops she attended here and abroad, she took a one-year dance education for stage performers in contemporary style.

“Dance is an important aspect in my life, as I can express my feeling with it and I find myself as energetic, happy and humoress woman. This style of dance is movement I love to share with kids and teenagers. Tolerance, respect, equality, sense of community, skill, creativity, conviction and fun are important elements for myself.”

Gee Ercin