isabella Hoy

Isabella Hoy

isabella Hoy

Isabella Hoy, Teacher for Combi, Acro, Jazz & Ballet

Isabella started her dance education in 2001 at the ballet school of the Viennese State Opera. where she was part of many opera productions, like Spartakus, Puppenfee and Schwanensee.

Since 2006 she is receiving her education in Jazz, Contemporary, Acrobatics and Hip Hop at the Broadway Connection and performed at shows, like the “Dancer against Cancer” Ball and the Donauinselfest.

Since 2006 Isabella is regularly attending Austrian and European Championships and has received several Championship titles.

Broadway Summer Splash 2018

No.WorkshopLevelDate & TimePrice
06Combi 2/3 (4-6 Y.)
with Isabella Hoy
OpenMo, 20.08.2018 - Tu, 21.08.2018
15:00 - 16:00 h
Price: € 28
13Acro Teens/Youth (13-19 Y.)
with KrisTina Decker and Isabella Hoy
OpenMo, 20.08.2018 - Th, 23.08.2018
17:30 - 18:30 h
Price: € 55
   Workshops take place as of 5 participants!