Broadway Summer Splash

Broadway Summer Splash

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For the moment only our Dance Camp dates are fixed.
The other workshops will follow soon.

Summer Workshops

International Musical Star KrisTina Decker and her team invite you every summer to many exciting dance courses in the Broadway Summer Splash!

Since its foundation in 2003, the Broadway Connection became one of the most renowned Musical and Show Dance Schools. And we are proud of it.

Don’t Dream It. Be It.

Many students of the Broadway Connection have a successful career in the Show Biz. They sing, dance and act on renowned stages across the globe, and are welcomed faces in movies and TV shows.

Since the beginning we promised “Don’t Dream It. Be It.” – and we always kept our promise. This year again, we have the aim to make YOUR dream from a stage career come true.


Our Summer Workshop classes are led by experienced dancers, who will starting Septemer also teach the regular classes in the Broadway Connection.

Thus, the perfect opportunity to check which teacher is best for you!

Musical Dance Camp

for Kids & Teens as of 8 Years

You dance the whole day in your room? You sing nonstop songs from famous movies and musicals? You want to know how it feels to develop a scene? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, our Musical Dance Camp is for you! Here you discover the world of Musicals, you learn to dance, sing and act!

The Camps are devided into two age groups: Group A (up to 10 years) and Group B (as of 11 years)

No.WorkshopLevelDate & TimePrice
01Musical Dance Camp I (8+ Y.)OpenMo, 05.08.2019 - Fr, 09.08.2019
10:00 - 15:00 h
Price: € 175
02Musical Dance Camp II (8+ Y.)OpenMo, 19.08.2019 - Fr, 23.08.2019
10:00 - 15:00 h
Price: € 175
   Workshops take place as of 5 participants!
Special #1: During the Camp you have the chance to peek into Hip Hop and Acrobatic!
Special #2: At the end of each Camp there’s a small recital for the parents.

Please bring food for the lunch break!
For organisational reasons, registration for the Camps ends 1 week prior.

Contest Dance Camp

for Experienced Dancers as of 8 Years

Our professional education resulted in many National, European and World Championship Titels, as well as Special Awards for Best New Talent, Best Choreography, etc. at Musical & Show Dance, Performing Arts and other Competitions.





International & World Champion


As of September 2019 You are part of it! KrisTina Decker and her team are looking for new, young talents for the Competition Teams 2019/20! Prepare yourself in our Camp for the Audition of the Contest Intensive Workshop in September.

No.WorkshopLevelDate & TimePrice
03Contest Dance Camp (8+ Y.)I/IIMo, 26.08.2019 - Fr, 30.08.2019
10:00 - 15:00 h
Price: € 175
   Workshops take place as of 5 participants!

The Contest Group Intensive Workshops start September 3, 2019 (Audition date) and run every other day for each age group. More details soon on our Contest Intensive Workshop page.

This workshop is for young talents with at least 2-3 years of dance experience!


for 3-6 Year-olds

Our Combi Workshop is a 2-day program for children age 3-6 interested in dancing. In a playful manner the children learn the basics of dance. Warm-up is with simple ballet movements, followed by acrobatic for young kids and finished with a small tap choreography. (Tap shoes are provided by us.) That way they learn the basics of dance and at the same time improve their coordination and posture. Parents are allowed to watch the training at the end of the second lesson.


How to combine acrobatic tricks like wheels, saltos or flick flacks with dancing? Learn this step by step in our acro workshop.


It’s essential for every well trained dancer to know the fundamental techniques, which are taught in ballet! The training happens at the barre and in center work. In addition to technique we train strength and stamina.

Urban / Hip Hop

Dance cool moves with strong beats and accents! Train your movements to be hard and soft! No matter whether Old-School, New-Style or Krumping – take it to the floor!

With our teachers no body remains still or T-shirt dry. Your stars showed in their videos how to do it, now it’s your turn! Learn cool moves with us, which will make YOU the star at the next party or clubbing!

Jazz & Contemporary

Jazz dance is a combination of dynamic movements and well placed accent to support the choreography, based on classical techniques. There are various styles of Jazz like Lyrical, Theatre Jazz, Latin Jazz, Funky Jazz, etc., most of them including elements of jumps and turns.

The Contemporary or Modern Dance is movement in elegant, powerful interpretation, isolation of bodyparts, clear understanding of rhythm and its change between fall and recovery. Each school (Limon, Harton, Graham, etc.) has their own peculiarities and specialities.

Tap Dance

In our tap workshops you will learn small combinations step by step. In no time you will have learnt an amazing percussion choreography!

Open Class: Jazz Series

with Ballet Warm-Up

Book our single Jazz workshops or book all 4 workshops at a reduced price!

Ritual African Show Dance

We are excited that the Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer of the Mali State African Ballet Company, Djiby Kouyate (PaPa Wango) and his Assistant and Co-Choreographer Djarli Kouyate will be honoring us with a Ritual African Show Dance Workshop.

This Workshop will help you to become a freer and more expressive Dancer. The African movements are rhythmic and strong allowing our bodies to let go and execute expression from our Hearts and Soul.

These Original Ritual African Dance Workshops are being given to us asking only in payment of voluntary donations for the Mali Kinderhilfe mit Herz Verein.

Remember, all that we give from our hearts will come back to us in multiples.

Both workshops have a limit of 25 dancers.


0 – we teach basic skills (no prior knowledge necessary)
I – for dancers with some experience (Intermediate)
II – for experienced dancers (Advanced)


The registration is simple. Just remember the numbers of the workshops you are interested in and complete the online registration form below.

Should you have any questions upfront, then don’t hesitate and call us at +43-699-10158587 or send an email to office@broadwayconnection.at.


The payment for the workshop has to be done at the reception prior to the first lesson. Otherwise the student cannot participate in the workshop!

Preferable, please bring the precise amount and plan for enough time to pay before the first lesson.


Minimum for each workshop are 5 participants. Registration deadline is Thursday, 17:00h for workshops of the following week.

In case of cancellation the registered participants will be informed 2-3 days prior to the workshop.

There are no workshops on August 15!


Broadway Summer Splash 2019

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Broadway Summer Splash 2019
01 - Musical Dance Camp I
Mo, 05.08.2019 - Fr, 09.08.2019
02 - Musical Dance Camp II
Mo, 19.08.2019 - Fr, 23.08.2019
03 - Contest Dance Camp
Mo, 26.08.2019 - Fr, 30.08.2019
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