Zemfira Manukyan

Zemfira Manukyan

Zemfira Manukyan

Zemfira Manukyan, Teacher for Ballet

Zemfira is originally from Armenia, but grew up in Vienna. She found her love for dance very early. When she was five she started taking lessons in a private ballet school.

In 2007 she took the entry exam at the Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera and passed it. Classical ballet was the focus of the professional education, but modern dance, jazz and historical dance were also part of the training.

Since then Zemfira participated in a number of productions in the Vienna State Opera, the Volksoper and Hofburg. These productions included classics like Max and Moritz, Nabucco, The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Magic Flute, Fête Impériale, Chipollino, etc.

Over the years she developed an even greater interest in modern dance, therefore she decided to continue her education at the Music and Arts University and in 2017 she began her bachelor’s degree there in the stage dance faculty. Subjects such as modern dance, ballet, choreography and repertoire were part of her schedule.

During her four years of study, Zemfira performed numerous pieces in the Wiener Konzerthaus, in the Muth Theater and on the stage of the Music and Arts University. In November 2019 she danced for a week at the Nederlands Dans Theater, a respected dance company in The Hague. In 2020 she graduated from the Music and Arts University with a bachelor’s degree.

As of 2020 Zemfira will support the ballet eduction of our Contest Dance Team.

Zemfira Manukyan Zemfira Manukyan Zemfira Manukyan