Broadway Connection meets Hollywood II

KrisTina Decker is proud of her long-time student Dalal Bruchmann, who not only has a successful acting career in Hollywood, but recently released her singles “Suddenly” and “Wait and See”.

Dalal Bruchmann

Broadway Connection meets Hollywood

Dalal Bruchmann

Dalal Bruchmann

Dalal Bruchmann, a long-time student of KrisTina Decker, lives now in New York and climbs the career ladder.

She will play the role of Katelyn in the 2011 film “Into The Darkness” alongside Twilight star Kiowa Gordon.

But that’s not all: The preparations for her international single release next summer are in full swing. Dalal works with the greats of US show business, including choreographer Brian Thomas (choreographer for Michael Jackson), as well as stylists, make-up artists and musicians from Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys!

KrisTina Decker is very happy about the great success of Dalal and is very proud of her student! KrisTina and the Broadway Connection wish her Toi, Toi, Toi! for your definitely bright future!

You can find more information about Dalal and her previous successes in the IMDb and on Wikipedia.

Austrian Open 2010

Broadway Connection triumphs at the Austrian Open 2010 in Liezen

Austrian Open 2010

Broadway Connection Competition Team, Austrian Open 2010 (Photo: Philipp Rath)

From March 19-21, 2010 the ASDU Austrian Open in Musical and Showdance took place in Liezen/Steiermark. 1,200 participants and 436 dances from all over Austria came together to be judged and awarded in various disciplines.

Besides strong competitors, KrisTina Decker and the students of the Broadway Connection Competition Team celebrated 14 National Campions, 6 Runner-Ups and 3 Third Places. Our dancers in the final round competed in the disciplines Open, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Song & Dance and Musical.

Diamant-Auszeichnung Corvin Frantsits

Diamond Award for Corvin Frantsits

In additon to this great result of all our dancer, we witnessed also three special awards:

For many years Corvin Frantsits was a student of KrisTina Decker where he gathered a lot of experience and inspiration. His self-choreographed Tap solo received one of only four Diamond Awards (awarded for dances with 110 or more points – out of 120)!

At the same time his dance achieved the Highest Points in his age group “Juniors II”!

From the Board of the ASDU, our Academy Student and Teacher Wei-Ken Liao received as special award for his long career as successful competition dancer and an “Exceptional Artist“!

KrisTina Decker is proud and thankful to work with so disciplined and talented kids and youngster and congratulates all of them to the success at the Austrian Open 2010! You are the Stars …

Don’t Dream It.
Be It.

We would like to thank the choreographers Sharon Booth, Blair Darby and Wei-Ken Liao, and the organisation team Gabi Reithofer, Karin Reithofer and Gerlinde Nepp and the parents for the active support. And last but not least O2 alive for the sponsored refreshments!

Results Austrian Open 2010

1st Place • Diamond & Champion

LET’S TAP (Choreography: Corvin Frantsits)
Tap • Solo • Juniors II
Corvin Frantsits

1st Place & Champion

WHIP IT! (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Open • Duo • Children
Angelika Nemec, Sophie Rath

SECRET AGENTS (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Open • Group • Juniors I
Jasmin Arda, Corvin Frantsits, Lena Hahn, Livia Heckl, Cara Heller, Isabella Hoy, Christoph Kellner, Sophie Lang, Vivien McEwen,Lina Paulitsch, Mariella Pauritsch, Isabella Postl, Sandra Schwann, Sarah Schwarzl, Constanze Szkokan

KARMIC KRASH! (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Open • Group • Adults
Panja Böhm, Corvin Frantsits, Jenny Geertsen, Lisa Hlawaty, Eva Hlawaty, Anna Jochum, Verena Kollruss, Miriam Lechlech, Wei-Ken Liao, Marlene Maier, Josephine Niesen, Karin Reithofer, Daniela Schytil, Konstanze Weikert

MAIDEN DANCE (Choreography: Sharon Booth)
Contemporary • Solo • Juniors II
Daniela Schytil

THE BEST IS YET TO COME (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Musical • Solo • Juniors II
Corvin Frantsits

UNDER PRESSURE (Choreography: Wei-Ken Liao)
Musical • Duo • Adults
Jenny Geertsen, Wei-Ken Liao

CALLE OCHO (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Small Group • Children
Viola Dillinger, Aaliyah Gessl, Sebastian Hofbauer, Carolina Kellner, Anna Rath, Sophie Rath, Vivien Seper

YOU PULLED ME THROUGH (Choreography: Blair Darby)
Jazz • Small Group • Adults
Verena Kollruss, Miriam Lechlech, Wei-Ken Liao, Josephine Niesen

PROUD MARY (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Duo • Children
Rebecca Kun, Sophie Rath

DOCTOR BONES (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Small Group • Adults
Panja Böhm, Corvin Frantsits, Lisa Hlawaty, Eva Hlawaty, Anna Jochum, Karin Reithofer, Catherine Steiner, Kevin Takacs

GOING BANANAS (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Solo • Children
Viola Dillinger

I GOT YOU BABE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Duo • Children
Viola Dillinger, Sebastian Hofbauer

MACK THE KNIFE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Solo • Juniors II
Corvin Frantsits

2nd Place & Vice-Champion

MUPPETS ARE REAL (Choreography: Sharon Booth)
Contemporary • Solo • Adults
Wei-Ken Liao

MORE OF YOU (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Solo • Juniors I
Isabella Hoy

ALL OF ME (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Solo • Children
Sophie Rath

G.I. JIVE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Small Group • Children
Adrianna Conder, Maritta Dillinger, Sebastian Hofbauer, Katharina Horky, Rebecca Kun, Angelika Nemec, Sophie Rath, Viktoria Ritschl

SUPER CINDY (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Solo • Children
Adrianna Conder

I THINK I LOVE YOU (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Small Group • Children
Adrianna Conder, Maritta Dillinger, Pia Heckl, Sebastian Hofbauer, Katharina Horky, Rebecca Kun, Michelle Montocchio, Angelika Nemec, Sophie Rath, Viktoria Ritschl

3rd Place

BROKEN VOW (Choreography: Wei-Ken Liao)
Contemporary • Solo • Adults
Wei-Ken Liao

EVERY TIME WE TOUCH (Choreography: Wei-Ken Liao)
Contemporary • Duo • Adults
Wei-Ken Liao, Daniela Schytil

NOT FAIR (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Solo • Children
Sophie Rath

The Road to Fame

The Road to Fame

Poster: The Road to Fame

After the success of Rock Camp – Be Different. Be A Star. the Broadway Company presents their new musical hit “The Road to Fame“.

At the world famous “School of Performing Arts” in New York only the most talented students are admitted. Their daily routine is not easy: With devotion and hard work these young emerging stars fight for their dream of fame and success. Afflicted by self doubt and growing up, but motivated by friendship and successes these young people master their training routine.

As varied as their daily routine is also the selection of music: famous musical hits together with songs from Queen, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

Follow our actors on their way to fame! Be it dancer, singer or musician, on stage every small light becomes a bright star! Who believes into onself will succeed.

Don’t Dream It.
Be It.

Theater Akzent
Theresianumgasse 18
1040 Wien

Saturday, May 29th 2010, 2:30 p.m.
Saturday, May 29th 2010, 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, June 2nd 2010, 10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, June 2nd 2010, 7:30 p.m.

Theater Akzent
Argentinierstraße 37
1040 Wien
Phone:+43/1/501 65 33-06
Fax: +43/1/501 65 33-99

Broadway Company Artistic Team 2009/2010

Director: KrisTina Decker

Choreographies: KrisTina Decker (Cats, Tanz der Vampire, Die Schöne und das Biest), Wei-Ken Liao (Miss Saigon, Tänzer von Cindy Gomez & Dave Stewart, Missy May), Petra Böhm (Starlight Express, Das Mädchen aus der Vorstadt)

Musical Director: Robert Chionis (Jekyll & Hyde, The King and I, The Fantasticks)

Songs: Chanda Vanderhart, Robert Chionis

Book: Robert Chionis

Stage Directors: KrisTina Decker, Maria Gabler (Starlight Express, Cats, Tänzerin von Anastacia)

Idea: KrisTina Decker

Natascha Nepp

Opera Ball Debutante Natascha Nepp

Natascha Nepp

Natascha Nepp (Photo: Opernball)

The Broadway Connection team congratulates our student Natascha Nepp, who as “Opera Ball Face 2010” had the honour of representing the debutants and the Opera Ball 2010.

We are proud of you!