Tap Warm-Up

Preparations are on for DanceStar 2017 Competitions

In about a month the DanceStar® Competitions for National, European and World Champion Titles begin.

Most of our choreographies are finished. Now it’s about practice, practice, practice and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

To get you into the mood, here a short video from the tap warm-up of Sophie Rath and Sebastian Hofbauer.

We mourn our costume seamstress Brigitta “Grandma” Zahour

Brigitta “Oma” Zahour

In deep sorrow we heard from the passing of our beloved costume seamstress Brigitta “Oma/Grandma” Zahour.

“Grandma” made hundreds of customes for our students which helped us win many competitions.

We shall miss her and we send her family all our sympathy and positive thoughts.

Der Tod ist das Tor zum Licht
am Ende eines mühsam gewordenen Weges.
Franz von Assisi

Duloc – Costumes Brigitta “Oma” Zahour (Design: KrisTina Decker)