Broadway Academy of Musical Theatre

Broadway Academy

Broadway Academy

The Broadway Academy of Musical Theatre is the professional education for future musical performers.

Our 4-year educational program with the majors dance, singing and acting. Our students graduate with the Stage Readiness Examination (“Bühnenreifeprüfung”) by the Musical Faculty of the Joint Commission.

Second Degree

Our blocked schedule on selected mornings and the elective subjects in the evening allow for a maximum flexibility for our students.

With study in parallel to his/her academic degree or while working, we are the first choice for anyone who plans to become a musical performer on international stages.


Our international team of experienced stage professionals brings out the best in our students.

In order to facilitate the access to renowned international stages part of our education is done in English language. We are the only bi-lingual managed dance and musical education in Vienna.

Education & Syllabus


In addition to ensemble singing and solo singing lessons, our vocal training includes recurring song recitals and a musical performance every year.

The acting education includes weekly group lessons in acting, improvisation and theater sport. In addition there are 6 solo lessons per semester, a scene evening and the annual musical production.

The dance education consists of classical ballet, pointe work, different jazz styles (with leaps & turns), modern or contemporary, Horton technique, tap dance and acrobatic.

Special subjects like anatomy, dance history, pedagogy & teaching praxis and choreo & composition are included in the regular lessons or organised in the form of workshops.

Another important focus area is the training of the so-called “pick-up”. This means the speed to remember new dance combinations (“routines”) and choreographies.

The lessons are partially taught in English language to facilitate the access to renowned stages worldwide and to prepare for work with international choreographers. We are the only dance and musical education in Vienna managed bi-lingually.

Academy Times

The group lessons of the Broadway Academy take place Mondays to Fridays on three to four mornings between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. as well as on two evenings; that means that per week there’s a minimum of 20-25 hours of education. In addition there are solo lessons for singing and actings, and the work on the musical.

The evening lessons consist of so-called elective (dance) subjects. Depending on the duration of the chosen lessons there are at a minimum 2-3 subjects to be taken. There is no upper limit on the number of additional lessons.

In case of obvious deficits in a special subject or dance style, the elective subjects will be instructed by the academy directorate.

The education in our academy is designed to be possible next to an academic study or work. Many of our students do work or study at the university while attending our classes.


Once in the semester there is a “showing” in which each student presents their studied repertoire in all three categories. A successful “showing” is the pre-condition for the examination by the joint commission.

To experience the work on and behind the stage, our academy students work together with the Broadway Company on an annual musical production.

At the end of the first academy year happens the entry exam by the joint commission, in the middle of the third year the control examination.

After 4 years of education in the Broadway Academy and sufficient success the student will graduate with the officially recognised “Stage Readiness Exam for Musical” (Bühnenreifeprüfung).

Optional: Teacher Certificate from Dance Masters Of America

Our syllabus is complementary to interdisciplinary productions on national and international stages, covering greatly the requirements for music theater, acting and dance theater. Therefore, the Stage Readiness Exam for Acting is also an option.

Admission Standards

  • Minimum age of 16 years

    (completed school eduction)

  • Knowledge in dance, singing & acting

    … desired, but with enough talent not a requirement as all basic knowledge is taught in our classes.

  • Passed audition

    (2-4 audition dates per year)

  • 12-15 regular students

    are accepted to the academy each school year


Choose the best payment option for you:

There is no additional registration fee. Costs for not included solo and private lessons need to be paid by the student, and payments for missed solo lessons will not be refunded.

  • Monthly Fee
  • 12x per school year
    at the start of the month
  • 385
  • Annually Fee
  • 1x per school year
    at the start of the school year
  • 4.500


Additional details to our professional education at the Broadway Academy of Musical Theatre you can find on our website

Broadway Academy of Musical Theatre