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Due to the late start of the school year and organisational meassurements, the audition is now schedule for October 3rd, 2020.


KrisTina Decker in CATS Zurich

Our Director KrisTina Decker as Sillabub in CATS Zurich

Have you ever dreamed of singing and dancing on stage? Here’s your PURRRR-fect chance to begin in this year’s production of CATS!

Kristina’s Broadway Connection is now auditioning new members for our Broadway Company!

It will be an exciting year as we will readapt the Musical for not only singing and dancing, yet we will also include acting scenes.

CATS, has always held a special place in Kristina Decker’s heart, Owner of Kristina’s Broadway Connection. This was her first big debut as a Professional Musical Performer at only age 18.

When asked, Kristina explained that though many loved the Musical, no one ever had an idea what it was about. She’s hoping this new adaptation will give the Performers and Audience a better chance to understand and follow the story of the Jellicle Cats.

The Team for this year is quite exciting!

For Choreography we are ecstatic to have Dominique Brooks-Daw from the UK! Dominique has performed in several Musicals such as the “Body Guard”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Saturday Night Fever” and “Atlantis”. Dominique also danced in TV Shows and performed with Robbie Williams, Anastacia, Andrea Bocelli, Madcon and Cascada.

Another one of our Grand Choreographers is Fiona Burke from Dublin, Ireland. Fiona studied dance in the University of Dance Society. She has competed and performed around Ireland and Great Britain. And choreographed for local Theatres.

Our Musical Director is Giuseppe Montesano from Italy. Giuseppe was the Musical Director and Conductor for several Opera’s, Choirs and Musicals throughout Europe, including Ireland and the Ukraine. Julius Williams III from the USA, will also be joining us in between his tours throughout Europe.

Our Acting Teacher and Director is Michael Schefts from Vienna. Michael has performed in many plays such as “MACBETH”, “Die Soldaten”, “Mein Freund Harvey” and “Der Schwierige”. He has as well directed and has been teaching for several years. Welcome Michael!

Also joining us with her Acting expertice is Julia Nina Kneussel. Julia received her education in the Conservatory of Vienna. After graduating Julia performed in several productions in the Theater in der Josefstadt, Dschungel Wien, Kosmos Theater Wien, Theater des Lachens Berlin, KUZ Mainz and several more through Europe.

Come make your Dream a Reality! ✨

We look forward to seeing you at our Audition!

Company Audition

You are between 8 and 24 years old? You love to be on stage, to sing, to dance and to act? Then come to our Broadway Musical Company Audition!

The Broadway Company is looking for young talents as of 8 years. In our Company the professionals of tomorrow learn from the top stars of today!

Are you one of our stars of tomorrow?

Come to our audition and show us what you have got!


Please note: while most of the singing scenes will be with the original English song lyrics, the acting scenes will be in German.

Experience has shown that basic German language skills are required to understand the flow of the production and to participate successfully in the Company programme.

Broadway Company

Broadway Company

The Broadway Musical Company for all musical enthusiasts from 8 to 24 years! Here the professionals from tomorrow learn from the stars of today!

During the school year you work with professional performers and choreographers of the Austrian musical and theater stages. In the early summer you perform the piece in the theater for a big audience.

Don’t miss this chance and come to one of our auditions!


Highest professionalism by strict selection of the young artists at the auditions and education by absolute stage professionals.

All-round education in the categories singing, acting and dancing.

Classical content in new “outfit”, entertaining and youth appropriate.

Young artists with exceptional skills perform for their audience.


In the 1st semester training is on Saturdays or Sundays. It consists of 1 hour each for dance, singing and acting lessons. In the 2nd semester the reheasals become more intensive and occassionally also take place on both days.

You learn everything that a musical star of tomorrow needs to know and you have the opportunity to taste the world of musicals. This comprehensive education is given to you by experienced teachers, musical performers and choreographers.


The Greatest Star

The Greatest Star

The Greatest Star
Broadway Company Production 2018/19

The Enchanted Labyrinth

The Enchanted Labyrinth
Broadway Company Production 2017/18


And the Villains' Descendants
Broadway Company Production 2016/17

The Huntress

The Demon Hunter
Broadway Company Production 2015/16
Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

The Fight about the Golden Apple
Broadway Company Production 2014/15
Once Upon a Mirror

Once Upon a Mirror

A Different Snow White
Broadway Company Production 2013/14

Cindy’s Dream

10 Year Anniversary Performance
Broadway Company Production 2012/13

Around the World

The Search for the Light
Broadway Company Production 2011/12

The Curse of Shadow’s Edge

Return of the Vampires
Broadway Company Production 2010/11

The Road to Fame

The Road to Fame
Broadway Company Production 2009/10

Rock Camp

Be Different. Be A Star!
Broadway Company Production 2008/09


The Next Generation
Broadway Company Production 2007/08

Dr. Jones’ Legacy

Dr. Jones' Legacy
Broadway Company Production 2006/07


The Demon Huntress of A'Dair
Broadway Company Production 2005/06

Cindy’s Dream

The Rock Musical Version of Cinderella
Broadway Company Production 2004/05
Peter Pan is Back

Peter Pan is Back

The Next Generation
Broadway Company Production 2003/04


You have the choice: either you pay the standard fee per semester or the reduced rate for the full year.

The audition itself is free of charge. After you passed the audition, the company fees according to the price list are due.

  • Semester Fee
  • 2x per school year
    at the start of the semesters
  • 420
  • Annual Fee
  • 1x per school year
    at the start of the school year
  • 825
  • Monthly Installments*
  • 4x per semester
    at the start of each month
  • 112

*) Installments need to be agreed up-front!


You are between 8 and 24 years old? You love to be on stage, to sing, to dance and to act? Then come to our Broadway Musical Company Audition!

  • Please prepare & bring

    – A song (can also be a children song) with corresponding sheet music or playback music
    – Comfortable dance clothes

  • Date

    Audition: Saturday, October 3rd 2020, 3:00 p.m. (ATTENTION – New Date!)

Audition Date
Sa, 3. October 2020, 15:00 h

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