Tanja Streibl

Tanja Streibl

Tanja Streibl

Tanja Streibl, Teacher for our Combi Classes & Singing

Tanja Streibl was born in Styria. Already during her school time she started dancing Hip Hop.

After graduating high school she studied pedagogy at the university in Graz and attended many dance classes in Jazz and Ballet and performed regularily at the Stadttheater in Leoben.

During her study Tanja gathered a lot of experience with children and teenagers. After graduation she went to Hamburg for half a year to attend the preparation seminar for the Stage School Hamburg.

Since then she follows her passion to sing more intensively. 2017 Tanja danced with the Alenas International Showdance Company and was member of the ensemble in the musical “Die Ausseerin – Eine Reise in die Welt der Musicals” by Alena Grassegger.

Since 2018 she studies at the Broadway Academy of Musical Theatre.


School Year 2019/20

CourseLevelAgeLengthDay & Time
Kids & Youth Academy - Combi (3-6 Jahre)
Combi Song & Dance
with Tanja
0/I4-6 Years60 Min.Wednesday,
16:30 - 17:30 h
   Subject to Changes!