Junior Academy Competition Team

Junior Academy

KBC Competition Team

Intensive Training

Our Junior Academy Competition Team is for those that want to train even more intensive. Our team prepares you for national and international championships.

Admission criteria for the Junior Academy is the passed Audition at the beginning of September and a successful participation in the Contest Intensive Workshops at the beginning of September.

You receive a customised training program in various dance styles like ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, contemporary or acrobatic. Jazz and ballet are mandatory for everybody.

You will be assigned according to your age & level and you will be taught by experienced teachers of the Broadway Connection Team. The level of the training is very high and you will increase your dance skills within short time.

Focus & Fun

While maintaining professional level education, we also ensure that the fun factor is not lost. Fun with Dance is as important to us, as the progress of your dance skills.

Every few summers our Junior Academy travels into the U.S.A. to participate in competitions and dance workshops. An unique experience for our students (and their parents). Exclusive at Kristina’s Broadway Connection!

KBC Competition Team


Our professional education resulted in many National, European and World Championship Titels, as well as Special Awards for Best New Talent, Best Choreography, etc. at Musical & Show Dance, Performing Arts and other Competitions.


Austrian Results


European Results

International & World Champion

International Results

Special Awards


Thanks to the professional level of our education, the students of Kristina’s Broadway Connection receive regularly Special Awards like “Future Talent“.

Also Special Awards like “Best Personality on Stage” or “Exceptional Artist” are given to our dancers at National & International Championships.

Best in Class

Highest Points” and “Diamond” awards are confirmation of the intensive preparation of our students and the high creativity of our choreographers.

Our choreographers enjoy awards for “Best Choreography” or nomination for the “Gala Night” of the World Championships.


Our students qualify regularly for international competitions, like World Dance Masters or Dance World Cup.

The KBC Junior Academy gets invited regularly to Competitions in the U.S.A., where they can compete against US dancers and study the latest dance trends in workshops.


Audition Date
Audition Minis (5-9 Jahre):
Mo, 4. Sept. 2023, 16:15-17:15 h
Audition Kids/Teens (9-13 Jahre):
Mo, 4. Sept. 2023, 17:15-18:30 h
Audition Teens/Young Adults (13-23 Jahre):
Mo, 4. Sept. 2023, 18:30-19:45 h

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