Championship Awards

Our professional education resulted in many National, European and World Championship Titels, as well as Special Awards for Best New Talent, Best Choreography, etc. at Musical & Show Dance, Performing Arts and other Competitions.


Austrian Results


European Results

International & World Champion

International Results

Austrian Championships

Austrian Dance Cup 2023, KBC Contest Team

Great Result and many Special Awards at ADC

2x Highest Points, Outstanding Dancer and Best Costume, as well as 19 Gold, 6 Silver und 3 Bronze!

Successful Competition Weekend at the Austrian Open 22

8 Gold, 13 Silver and 12 Bronze medals
KBC Wettbewerbsteam ADC 2022Rotraud Priesner-Berger

A successful weekend at the Austrian Dance Cup in Bad Ischl!

Our Competition Team achieves 4 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronce Medals.
KBC Wettbewerbsteam - ADC 2021 in Bad Ischl

Two Outstanding Dancer rewards at ADC 2021!

Great result and two (!) special awards in Austrian Competitions
KBC Competition Team

High Points and Top Results in Schwechat!

Our young, motivated Competition Team won 14 Gold, 10 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals.
Austria Open 2019

AO19: Diamond, Special Award Highest Points and 5 Numbers above 95

Point record at the Austrian Championship: 3 National Champions and 3 Runner-Ups, as well as Diamond and Highest Points Pro-Am awards.
DanceStar Austria 2019 - Baden

Impressive Result of our Competition Team at the DanceStar Austria 2019 at Baden

Our competition groups proved themselves with a strong result of 20 First Places, 21 Runner-Ups and 3 Third Places.
Lara Grünsteidl

Great Start in the Competition Season 2019

Great Start in the Competition Season with 5 First, 2 Second and 6 Third Places in Vösendorf.
DanceStar Austria 2018

Great results at the Austrian National Championship 2018 in Zell am See

Our small fine team won 5 First, 5 Second and 3 Third places. All dancers qualified for the World Dance Masters in Croatia and 3 dances were nominated for the Gala Night.
Vienna Dance Fest 2018

Great Results at the Vienna Dance Fest 2018

We are happy about great results at the Vienna Dance Fest 2018 - especially about 3 First, 4 Second and 1 Third places!
DanceStar Austria 2017

Outstanding Result at the DanceStar Austria 2017 in Zell am See

Best Choreography (Petra Böhm), 22 First Places, 13 Second Places, 9 Third Places and the Nomination for the Gala-Night at the World Finals in Poreč!
Sebastian Hofbauer, VDO 2017

Super Premiere at the Vienna Dance Open 2017

Our small but fine team, participating for the first time, won 2 Gold and 3 Silver Medals at the Vienna Dance Open 2017.
DanceStar Austria 2016

Great Results at DanceStar Austria 2016 in Zell am See

17 First Places, 15 Second Places und 8 Third Places, as well as the nomination of Schindlers Liste (Choreo: Petra Böhm) for the Gala Night of the World Masters.

Most successful Competition Season in the History of the Broadway Connection

After exceptional achievements at the Austrian and European Open we end the season with another 27 Gold, 13 Silver and 10 Bronze awards
Austrian Open 2015

Sensational Result at the Austrian Open 2015 in Klagenfurt

The best national result ever for BC with 31 National Championship Titles, 11 Runner-Ups and 14 Third places; "Future Talent" for Sebastian Hofbauer
Austrian Dance Cup 2014

Successful Austrian Dance Cup in Bad Ischl with many Qualifications for the DWC

12 National Champions, 20 Runner-Ups, 9 Third Places and many Qualifications for the Dance World Cup in Portugal.
Austrian Open 2014

Massive Success at the Austrian Open 2014 in Klagenfurt

Impressive result of 22 National Championship Titles, 6 Runner-Ups and 11 Third Places.
Austrian Open 2013

Great Result at the Austrian Open 2013 in Wels

With strong competition we won 9 National Champions, 11 Runner-Ups and 12 Third Places. Sophie Rath was recognised as "Best Female Future Talent".
Ballettwettbewerb 2013

Successful Premiere at the Ballet Championship 2013 in Villach

Great Premiere with 5 First, 9 Second and 8 Third Places, as well as 8 Qualifications for the Dance World Cup in Brighton, UK.
Austrian Open 2012

Great Results at the Austrian Open 2012 in Klagenfurt

Our mini team of only 4 students won 3 National Titles and 4 Runner-Ups. Our teachers Miri, Ralph and Sascha won Diamond with their Dance Crew.
Austrian Open 2011

Broadway Connection celebrates another Outstanding Result at the Austrian Open 2011 in Linz

Our Competition Group won 15 National Championship Titles, 8 Runner-Ups and 4 Third Places.
Austrian Open 2010

Broadway Connection triumphs at the Austrian Open 2010 in Liezen

Sensational result of 14 National Champions, 6 Runners-Up and 3 Third Places; Diamond Award for Corvin Frantsits; Wei-Ken Liao recognised as "Exceptional Artist".
Austrian Open 2009

Sensational Result at the Austrian Open 2009 in Matrei

Best result ever for the Broadway Connection with 19 National Champions, 10 Runner-Ups and 2 Third Places. Many dances with more than 95 points!
Austrian Open 2008

Great Result at the Austrian Open 2008

Sensational Result with 1 Diamond, 6 Gold, 18 Silver and 1 Bronze Awards. Highest points for Minis and Seniors. 2 dances nominated for Best Choreography, 2 dancers for Best New Talent.
Austrian Open 2007

Repeated Success at the Austrian Open 2007 in Klagenfurt

Kids and Youth of the Broadway Connection won 8 Gold, 9 Silver and 5 Bronze at the Austrian Open 2007!
Austrian Open 2006

Again sensational Success at the Austrian Open 2006 in Oberpullendorf

Kids and Youth of the Broadway Connection won 5 Gold, 9 Silver and 6 Bronze! KrisTina Decker receives - like already in previous year - the price for the "Best Choreography".
Austrian Open 2005

Great Success at the Austrian Open 2005 in Matrei

Broadway Connection Students won 3 National Championship Titles and 7 Runner-Ups. KrisTina Decker received Special Award for Best Choreography. Michaele Pircher is awarded Best New Talent.
Austrian Open 2004

Great Start for the recently founded Competition Team at the Austrian Open 2004 in Hörsching

Our first Competition with small but fine team:
5 dances sent => 3 National Champions and 2 Vice-Champions!

European Championships

European Championships 2015

Great Results at the European Championships 2015 in Villach

"Perfect Score!" - all our dances qualified for the final round. There our students won 16 European Champion, 19 European Vice-Champion titles and 5 third places.
European Championships 2013

Great Result at the European Championships 2013 in Klagenfurt

Small but fine Broadway Connection Competition Team wins 2 European Championship Titles, 6 Runner-Ups, 2 Third and 1 Fourth Place.
European Championship 2012

“Perfect Score” in the 1st Round & one of the best Results at the European Championship 2012 in Oberpullendorf

After a perfect qualification round all our dances made it into the finale and win 16 European Championships Titles, 6 Runner-Up and 10 Third Places.
European Championships 2009

What a Success at the European Championships 2009 in Klagenfurt!

Broadway Connection students win 17 European Championship Titles and 10 Runner-Ups. Sophie Rath is Future Talent 2009.
European Open 2008

Many Awards at the European Open & World Masters 2008 in Poreč

Our students won 3 European & World Champions, 6 European & World Runner-Ups, as well as 8 Gold, 12 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal.
European Open 2007

Great Achievements at the European Open 2007 in Rijeka, Croatia

Our Students won 8 Gold, 13 Silver and 1 Bronze, as well as 6 European Championship Titles and 3 Runner-Ups.
European Open 2006

Phantastic Result at the European Open 2006 in Baden bei Wien

1 Diamond, 10 Gold and 7 Silver Awards, as well as 9 European Championship Titles and 2 Runner-Up Titles won our students at our "Home European Championships".
European Open 2005

Exceptional Achievement at the European Open 2005 in Leonding

The Broadway Connection wins 4 European Championship Titles, 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal at the European Open 2005 for Musical & Showdance.
Nicest Kids in Town • Song & Dance Europameister, European Open 2004

Successful Premiere at the European Open 2004 in St. Pölten

After the great success at the Austrian Open 2004, KrisTina Decker's students also win at the European Open 2004: 3 European Champions and 2 Runner-Ups.

International & World Championships

Elena Mihajlovic, Amita Dvorak, Jasmina Knollmayer & Maja Majdanac, DanceStar Slovakia 2023

Congratulations to our youngest Academy members

Three gold medals and two silver medals for our Quartett at DanceStar SK 2023
KBC Wettbewerbsteam - ADC 2021 in Bad Ischl

Wopping Result by our tiny Team at World Finals

Our tiny contest team wins 5 gold and 3 silver medals at the DanceStar World Finals.
DanceStar World Finals 2019

Successful World Championships with many Surprises

Our students impressed with 8 Gold, 14 Silver and 6 Bronce medals, as well as great ranking due to high points in bigger categories.
Placeholder DanceStar SK

Successful Qualification at DanceStar Slovakia 2019

Viki Fuchs & Niki Rath qualify for the World Finals with a Silver and a Bronce Medal at DanceStar Slovakia in Nitra.
DanceStar World Finals 2018

Amazing results at the World Finals 2018 in Poreč

The Broadway Connection is returning from the World Finals in Poreč with 12 Gold, 7 Silver und 10 Bronze awards! We congratulate all our dancers and choreographers!
Best Female Talent Anna Rath

Super results at the ESDU DanceStar Hungary 2018

At our premiere at DanceStar Hungary we won 26 gold, 8 silver und 11 bronze awards. Anna Rath received the "Best Female Talent" award.
Sophie Gulyas DanceStar Slovakia 2018

Sophie Gulyas wins first place at the ESDU DanceStar Slovakia 2018

Sophie Gulyas won 1st place in the category Musical Theatre at the DanceStar Slovakia 2018!
World Dance Masters 2017

Great results at the World Dance Masters 2017 in Poreč, Croatia

Our Competition Teams win 12 Gold, 11 Silver and 7 Bronze Medals at the World Dance Masters in Poreč, Croatia.
DanceStar Slovakia 2017

Great Result at the DanceStar Slovakia Finals 2017

Broadway Connection dancers win 8 Gold, 3 Silver und 1 Bronze at the DanceStar Slovakia 2017.
DanceStar World Finals 2016

Excellent Results at the World Dance Masters 2016 in Poreč

13 Gold-, 6 Silver- and 9 Bronce Awards, as well as "Special Award for the best Personality on Stage" for Sebastian Hofbauer.
Dance World Cup 2014

Great Dancing at the Dance World Cup 2014 in Portugal

Our Competition Team enjoyed the participation at the Dance World Cup at the Algarve in Portugal
Dance World Cup 2013

Excellent Results at the Dance World Cup 2013 in Brighton, UK

Against strong international competition our dancers earned excellent rankings.
New England Nationals 2012

Complete Success at the New England Nationals 2012 in Portland, Maine (USA)

3 Days Convention, 3 Elite Awards, 28 (!) High Gold Awards and 12 Gold Awards! In addition we watched a Broadway Show & made a Photo Shot on Time Square in NYC.
European Open 2008

Many Awards at the European Open & World Masters 2008 in Poreč

Our students won 3 European & World Champions, 6 European & World Runner-Ups, as well as 8 Gold, 12 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal.
International Dance Challenge 2006

BC impresses at the Dance Olympus Convention (NYC) & International Dance Challenge (Boston) 2006

Maria Gabler was chosen as Dance Olympus VIP (out of 80 candidates). Our 5 dances at the IDC won the qualification round and earned Gold in the Finale.
International Dance Challenge 2005

Super Result at the International Dance Challenge 2005 in Las Vegas

The students of the Broadway Connection win 9 Gold and 5 Silver Medals at the US-Open in Las Vegas.