DanceStar Austria 2018

Great results at the Austrian National Championship 2018 in Zell am See

Great results at the ESDU Austrian National Championship 2018 in Zell am See

On the weekend of March 17, 2018 the ESDU DanceStar 2018 took place in Zell am See, where a small group of our dancers participated with their solos, duos and trios. We are really happy about the great results – all our dances qualified for the World Dance Masters in Croatia! – and would like to thank all teachers and parents for their support!

We would like to especially mention Sebastian Hofbauer, who won the Special Award “Best male Talent”! In addition we are also very happy that Sebastian Hofbauer and Sophie Rath are nominated for the Starnight in Croatia with their contemporary duo and that Sebastian Hofbauer is also nominated with his tap and his contemporary solo!

Don’t Dream It.
Be It.

Results DanceStar Austria 2018

1st place

PICTURES ON A SCREEN (Choreography: Miriam Lechlech )
Contemporary • Solo • Seniors
Hofbauer Sebastian

PAINTING GREYS (Choreography: Miriam Lechlech )
Contemporary • Duo • Seniors
Hofbauer Sebastian, Rath Sophie

THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Solo • Seniors
Hofbauer Sebastian

YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Musical Theatre • Duo • Seniors
Hofbauer Sebastian, Horky Kati

CLASSIC (Choreography: Courtney Poettker)
Jazz • Duo • Seniors
Hofbauer Sebastian, Seper Vivien

2nd place

SHAPE OF YOU (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Duo • Seniors
Hofbauer Sebastian, Rath Sophie

BIG SPENDER (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Musical Theatre • Solo • Seniors
Horky Kati

ME AGAINST THE MUSIC (Choreography: Janet Vincenza)
MTV Commercial • Solo • Seniors
Hofbauer Sebastian

MOONDANCE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Solo • Seniors
Hofbauer Sebastian

IT’S BURLESQUE (Choreography: Anna Rath, Sophie Rath, Vivien Seper)
Jazz • Trio • Seniors
Rath Anna, Rath Sophie, Seper Vivien

3rd place

LIABILITY (Choreography: Miriam Lechlech)
Contemporary • Solo • Seniors
Rath Sophie

I TRY (Choreography: Sophie Rath)
Lyrical • Solo • Seniors
Seper Vivien

SAY MY NAME (Choreography: Miriam Lechlech)
Jazz • Solo • Seniors
Seper Vivien

4th place

ONE NIGHT ONLY (Choreography: Miriam Lechlech)
Jazz • Solo • Seniors
Rath Anna

In addition to those amazing placements, we are also happy about Kaela Ruso qualifying with CLAY, Lyrical (Choreography: KrisTina Decker) and Vivien Seper qualifying with DARK DOOWOP, Contemporary (Choreography: Miriam Lechlech) for the World Dance Masters in Croatia.