Austrian Open 2005

Great Success at the Austrian Open 2005 in Matrei

Austrian Open 2005

Broadway Connection Competition Team, Austrian Open 2005 (Photo: KrisTina Decker)

The Austrian Open 2005 was the so far largest Musical and Showdance Competition in Austria. Around 800 participants from all states came to Matrei (Osttirol) on the weekend from April 9-11, 2005 to compete for the National Championship Titles.

Nachwuchstalent Michaela Pircher

Best New Talent 2005 Michaela Pircher

And the Broadway Connection superceeded all expectations! Our students won 3 National Championship Titles and 7 Runner-Ups. Our 15-year old Michaela Pircher received a lot of attention. The judges liked her performances so much that they selcted her for the Best New Talent Award.

“I am very proud of the Broadway Connection team. While the Broadway Connection only exists for a bit more than a year, we won many prices at this great competition”, celebrates KrisTina Decker, the founder and director of the Broadway Connection. KrisTina herself received the Special Award for Best Choreography for her dance HANDS OFF.

The gold/silver result of the Broadway Connection confirms KrisTina Decker’s approach at the dance education for youth: Professionals share their knowledge, custom-made training for the students and manageable class size. Goal of the school is to offer – in addition to a broad range of dance styles – acting, singing and acrobatic. With that “Vienna’s First Show School” provides a solid foundation for a professional stage career.

The best dances of the Austrian Open qualify for the “EUROPEAN OPEN”, which is the qualifyer for the “US OPEN” in America. The Broadway Connection already won a silver medal at the US Open last year. Therefore, for this year’s US Open the expectations are high.

Don’t Dream It.
Be It.

Results Austrian Open 2005

Gold & Champion

DON’T RAIN ON MY PARADE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Musical • Solo • Juniors
Michaela Pircher

MOONDANCE DREAM (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Duo/Trio • Seniors
Maria Gabler & Petra Böhm

HANDS OFF (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Group • Seniors
Maria Gabler, Petra Böhm, Verena Kollruss, Conny Voglmayr, Conny Schlemmer, Carina Hammer, Eva Hlawaty, Carola Kometer, Katy Geertsen, Kerstin Völker, Petra Fucik, Vera Skala

Silver & Vice-Champion

LOTUS POP (Choreography: KrisTina Decker), Assistenz Tonkins Anderson
Open • Group • Juniors
Kerstin Lasshofer, Berenike Frantsits, Panja Böhm, Michaela Pircher, Daniela Pospischill, Catalina Royuela-Samit, Natascha Nepp, Cosima Szkokan, Jenny Geertsen, Olivia Teix, Corinna Huber, Carolin Schauberger, Junita Reinisch, Lisa Hlawaty

I’M FREE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Modern • Solo • Seniors
Conny Voglmayr

TWO LITTLE GIRLS FROM LITTLE ROCK (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Musical • Duo/Trio • Juniors
Panja Böhm & Daniela Pospischill

WIPE OUT (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Solo • Children
Corvin Frantsits

LATIN SPICE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Solo • Juniors
Daniela Pospischill

OUTRAGEOUS CALLING (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Duo/Trio • Juniors
Berenike Frantsits & Kerstin Lasshofer

GO INTO YOUR DANCE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Small Group • Juniors
Berenike Frantsits (Soloist), Panja Böhm, Kerstin Lasshofer, Daniela Pospischill, Olivia Teix

Small Gold

STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Small Group • Juniors
Lisa Hlawaty, Natascha Nepp, Cosima Szkokan, Carolin Schauberger

THE BIG DOLLHOUSE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Group • Seniors
Petra Böhm, Verena Kollruss, Conny Voglmayr, Conny Schlemmer, Carina Hammer, Eva Hlawaty