DVDs 2016

DVD’s arrived!

DVDs 2016

DVDs of the recital 2015/16 and the Broadway Company Show “The Huntress”

The long-awaited DVDs of our final recital “5, 6, 7, 8 – Broadway Connections Tanzspektakel” from 2015/16, as well as of our musical “The Huntress” arrived today!

The DVDs that were ordered and have already been payed for, can be picked up at the reception.

Mariusz Crovid

Our new Hip Hop teacher Mariusz Crovid

Hip Hop Fusion, Hip Hop New Styles and Urban Styles for teens & adults with our new teacher Mariusz C.!

Classes are every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the Broadway Connection!

Broadway Musical Company Cast 2016/17

Welcome to the Broadway Musical Company 2016/17

Broadway Musical Company Cast 2016/17

Our Cast from the Broadway Musical Company 2016/17

This weekend the second audition, as well as the recall for our Broadway Musical Company took place. We are happy to present our cast for this years production “The Descendants”!

We wish our young performers and the more experienced artists of our teacher team all the best and hope that they will have a wonderful experience working on the musical!

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