Percy Jackson

The Broadway Company with Percy Jackson in the Kinder-Kurier

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson – The Fight about the Golden Apple

We thank the young reporter Maria Poljak for the great article in the Kinder-Kurier about our Broadway Company Musical “Percy Jackson – The Fight about the Golden Apple”. Here the article to read (in German):

Thanks again to all the members of the Broadway Musical Company, both the actors and the production team!

If you also want to participate in our Musical Company then just come to one of our auditions on October 3rd or 10th 2015 at 1 p.m. To allow us proper planning of the audition, please register online.

Cats am VetMed Uni Ball 2015

Great Finale for the School Year 2014/15

Cats am VetMed Uni Ball 2015

Our Cats / CATS at the 250 years anniversary VetMed Uni Ball 2015 in Vienna’s City Hall

With as many as three (3!) excellent shows on Saturday, June 20th the Broadway Connection finishes the school year 2014/15:

25 Jahr-Feier Theater Akzent

Our Minis at the 25 Year Anniversary of the Akzent

In the afternoon, our youngest dancers demonstrated their skills and the educational variaty of the Broadway Connection at the 25 year anniversary of the Theater Akzent. Especially the young audience was excited and many grabed the brochure of our Broadway Summer School which offers dance opportunities as of 3 years.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank hereby the Theater Akzent, Mr Sturm and his employees for the great collaboration and support for our young artists. We wish many successful years of collaboration.

Musical Percy Jackson

Broadway Company Musical Percy Jackson

In the evening was the third sold out performance of “Percy Jackson – The Fight about the Golden Apple”, also at the Theater Akzent. The artists of the Broadway Musical Company –  authors, choreographers, singers and dancers – have again done great work and received large applaus.

For many artists of the Broadway Company the “workday” was not done after the curtain was lowered. They had to put on new make-up, some even during the trip to the next venue. And that was nothing less than the City Hall of Vienna!

The artists of the Broadway Connection entertained the guests of the 250 year anniversary ball of the veterinarian university of Vienna with an animal themed midnight show. Many VIPs from academica and politics saw a great vocal and dance performance of our “cats”. Special thanks to KrisTina Decker, who made nearly all of the costumes and wigs herself in numerous work hours. By the way, one of the customes is the original costume that KrisTina wore herself on stage. Can you guess which one it is?

Broadway Summer School 2015

Broadway Summer School 2015

Broadway Summer School 2015Tingling sensation in your legs? Is summer without dancing too boring for you?

We got good news for you! In July and August 2015 the Broadway Connection opens it doors and welcomes you to our Broadway Summer School. There are many great courses, just pick the best! For all spontaneous people we offer open classes in selected weeks. Details about them you can find shortly before on our web or Facebook site.

Details of our Workshop Program on

How Do I register?
Just write down the course number and select it in our online registration form and hit send.

Ferienspiel 2015

Ferienspiel 2015 – Your Chance to try our Dance Classes at Bargain Prices

Ferienspiel 2015

Also this year, as part of the Ferienspiel (Holiday Program) the Broadway Connection offers Dance Workshops at bargain prices. For only € 2 owners of a Ferienspiel passport can attend our 2 day Musical Dance Camp for 6-10 year olds or our 2 day Summer Dance Camp for 10-13 year olds.

The workshops run bilingual in English and German. That way the children not only learn new moves but also gather practise with another language.

Details to the dates and the online registration you find on

The program of our Broadway Summer School you find on


Most successful Competition Season in the History of the Broadway Connection


Broadway Connection Competition Team, ÖM STREETDANCE & PERFORMING ARTS 2015 (Photo: Rica Izunda)

The competition season 2015 ends with another great result! After the sensational result at the Austrian Open in Musical- & Showdance in Klagenfurt and the similar impressive result at the European Open in Villach, our competition team returned from the Austrian Championships in STREETDANCE & PERFORMING ARTS in Hartberg with 27 Gold, 13 Silver and 10 Bronze Awards.

We thank the organisers for the successful competition, especially for the relaxed athmosphere. A beautiful conclusion for our dancers after the stressful and cumbersome ASDU championships.

KrisTina and her team congratulate the dancers and thank for the discipline which was necessary to achieve the most successful competition season in the history of the Broadway Connection. Our thank goes also to the contest group choreographers KrisTina Decker, Petra Böhm, Miriam Lechlech, Wei-Ken Liao, Michelle Hoffmann, Ralph Galvan and Maria Gabler. We also want to thank our parents, relatives, friends and supporters who support our students so intensly at the competitions and in the preparation.

Here a short video from the competition that was prepared by the organisers:


Successful first Day at the ÖM Streetdance & Performing Arts 2015


Broadway Connection Competition Team, ÖM Streetdance & Performing Arts 2015

The dancers of the Broadway Connection and the Broadway Academy had a successful first competition day at the Austrian Championships (ÖM) for STREETDANCE & PERFORMING ARTS .

The intermediate result so far:

  • 12 x 1st Place
  • 4 x 2nd Place
  • 3 x 3rd Place
We wish a good night’s sleep and new energy for the second competition day.
Toi, toi, toi for tomorrow!