Ballettwettbewerb 2013

Successful Premiere at the Ballet Championship 2013 in Villach

Ballettwettbewerb 2013

Broadway Connection Competition Team, Ballet Championship 2013 (Photo: Philipp Rath)

In March 2013 the Broadway Connection participated the first time at the Ballet Competition in Villach and could celebrate already 5 First, 9 Second and 8 Third places. 8 of our dances qualified right away for the World Championships in Brighton, England.

We congratulate all dancers to this exceptional achievement! This was a great rehearsal for the upcoming ASDU Austrian Open 2013.

We thank especially Gitti Paller for the organisation, Barbara Rath and Brigitta Zahour for the sewing work, Manfred and Martina Lobenhofer for the refreshments and all the parents and students that helped for the frictionless process (Carina, Simon, Anna J., Nina, Katja, Alena, Tania, Sheila, Jutta, Ernst, Philipp). Obviously our thanks goes also to our great faculty and choreographer team KrisTina Decker, Petra Böhm, Wei-Ken Jeffrey Liao, Miriam Lechlech, Magdalena Bönisch and Ralph-Leonel Galvan for the wonderful creations.

Don’t Dream It.
Be It.

Results Ballet Competition 2013

1st Place

TOXIC 1) (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz/Musical • Solo • Juniors
Sophie Rath

DON’T SAY YES UNTIL I FINISH TALKING 1) (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz/Musical • Solo • Juniors
Simon Seboth

WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL 1) (Choreography: Wei-Ken Jeffrey Liao, Petra Böhm)
Lyrical Jazz • Duo • Minis
Sophie Pechlaner, Niki Rath

MISS CELIE’S PANTS 1) (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Solo • Juniors
Sophie Rath

JUST ONE DANCE (Choreography: Catherine Steiner)
Tap • Solo • Open
Catherine Steiner

2nd Place

SISTERS (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Duo • Juniors
Viola & Maritta Dillinger

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Solo • Open
Caroline Hecht

THE 20TH CENTURY FOX MAMBO (Choreography: KrisTina Decker, Petra Böhm)
Song & Dance • Solo • Juniors
Maritta Dillinger

ANOTHER NOW 1) (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Contemporary • Solo • Children
Anna Rath

GET IT RIGHT 1) (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Lyrical Jazz • Group • Juniors
Viola Dillinger, Viola Hahn, Rebecca Kun, Anna Rath, Vivien Seper, Denise Wurz

YOU’RE 16, GOING ON 17 1) (Choreography: Wei-Ken Jeffrey Liao)
Jazz/Musical • Duo • Juniors
Katharina Horky, Simon Seboth

OUT OF MY MIND 1) (Choreography: Ralph Galvan)
Hip Hop • Solo • Children
Sebastian Hofbauer

TELEPHONE TAP (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Group • Juniors
Viola Hahn, Sebastian Hofbauer, Rebecca Kun, Anna Rath, Corinna Schaupp, Vivien Seper, Denise Wurz

THE BEST IS YET TO COME (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Tap • Solo • Children
Sebastian Hofbauer

3rd Place

SHOW OFF (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Solo • Children
Viola Dillinger

GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE (Choreography: Magdalena Bönisch)
Song & Dance • Solo • Open
Martina Freystetter

SHE’S HAPPY (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Jazz/Musical • Solo • Minis
Sophie Pechlaner

GRAND SLAM (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Jazz/Musical • Solo • Minis
Niki Rath

CRY (Choreography: Miriam Lechlech)
Contemporary • Solo • Children
Vivien Seper

I’M THE BOSS (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz/Musical • Duo • Juniors
Sebastian Hofbauer, Denise Wurz

THERE IS LIFE (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Contemporary • Group • Children
Lisa Birkner, Elisabeth Janesch-Voit, Anna Kiss, Katharina Lobenhofer, Sophie Pechlaner, Niki Rath, Cathy Tunkowitsch

AMNERIS’ LETTER (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Contemporary • Solo • Juniors
Maritta Dillinger

4th Place

I ENJOY BEING A GIRL (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Jazz/Musical • Solo • Open
Romana Baranyai

IMPOSSIBLE (Choreography: Petra Böhm)
Lyrical Jazz • Solo • Open
Romana Baranyai

1) Qualified for the Dance World Cup in Brighton, England.