KBC Wettbewerbsteam - ADC 2021 in Bad Ischl

Wopping Result by our tiny Team at World Finals

KBC Wettbewerbsteam - ADC 2021 in Bad Ischl

KBC Competition Team – Austrian Dance Cup 2021 in Bad Ischl

Only a tiny fraction of our competition team was able to travel to the DanceStar World Finals in Poreč, Croatia in Fall 2021.

They returned with a whopping 5 first places and 3 second places! Congratulations!

Don’t Dream It.
Be It.

Results DanceStar World Finals 2021

1st Place Jazz Solo Seniors “FIGHTER” – Anastassiya Mitina
1st Place Open Solo Children “STAR WARS” – Lara Grünsteidl
1st Place Ballet Solo Seniors “CARMEN” – Luisa Solowjowa
1st Place Acro Duo Children “LET’S DO THIS” – Lara Grünsteidl, Ayleen Sarianidi
1st Place Tap Solo Children “QUIET AS A MOUSE” – Lara Grünsteidl

2nd Place Musical Theatre Solo Senior “I GOTCHA” – Kathrin Pirgmayer
2nd Place Open Solo Children “TITANIUM” – Ayleen Sarianidi
2nd Place Notational Folclore Solo Senior “HUNGARIAN DANCE” – Luisa Solowjowa

4th Place Lyrical Solo Seniors “UNDER THE LILAC TREE” – Luisa Solowjowa