International Dance Challenge 2006

BC impresses at the Dance Olympus Convention (NYC) & International Dance Challenge (Boston) 2006

International Dance Challenge 2006

Broadway Connection Competition Team, International Dance Challenge 2006

Dance Olympus Convention 2006 (New York City)

Every year the Dance Olympus Summer Tour has an audition to find young dancers for next year’s tour. Out of the 900 applicants from all of the U.S.A. 10-20 “VIPs” are chosen to study routines with famous choreographers and to perform them on US tour.

To become a “VIP” the dancers needs to impress in all styles. The audition includes Ballet Barre, Center, Jazz Combination, Modern/Contemporary and obviously Tap. We are happy that Maria Gabler was amongst the two VIPs chosen from 80 applications there. And all of that after only 1 year of tap classes at the Broadway Connection!

Not enough! Michaela Pircher won the “Audition Scholarship Award“. As part of the convention there are audition classes for Juniors and Seniors. In this class the young dancers learn what’s important for auditions and get useful tips. The teacher splits the participants in groups and has them perform previously taught routines in an “audition”. After each audition dancers are eliminated until there are only 8 left per age group. These 16 dancers then perform at the recital and 4 of each age group receive a scholarship of about $ 210. Congratulation Michaela!

International Dance Challenge 2006 (Boston)

You Can't Stop The Beat

You Can’t Stop The Beat, Petra Böhm, Maria Gabler & Michaela Pircher

Our small but fine team presented them from their best side. All 5 nominated dances won Gold in the Qualification Round and also in the Finale.

Our Song & Dance Trio “You Can’t Stop The Beat” achieved the highest points of our dances and Michaela Pircher received a “Special Cha Cha Award” for her “expressive” dance.

We congratulate the dancers Petra Böhm, Maria Gabler and Michaela Pircher.

Don’t Dream It.
Be It.

Results International Dance Challenge 2006

Gold & World Champion

YOU CAN’T STOP THE BEAT (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Duo/Trio • Senior 17-19
Maria Gabler (Lead Vocalist), Petra Böhm, Michaela Pircher

MOONDANCE DREAM (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Jazz • Duo/Trio • Senior 20-25
Petra Böhm & Maria Gabler

LOLA (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Song & Dance • Solo • Senior 15-16
Michaela Pircher

ANOTHER CHA CHA (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Special Cha Cha Award
Jazz • Solo • Senior 15-16
Michaela Pircher

DON’T RAIN ON MY PARADE (Choreography: KrisTina Decker)
Musical • Solo • Senior 15-16
Michaela Pircher