KBC Competition Team

Audition for our Contest Dance Team 2020-21

KBC Competition Team

KBC Contest Dance Team 2020, Austrian Qualifier Schwechat

The whole week we have already full house/studio with our Contest Training Camp. We are especially happy to have so many new dancers participating the in the preparation for the Audition on Saturday. They had also the opportunity to meet many of our new Contest Dance Team teachers.

If you also want to become part of our Contest Dance Team, then register for our Audition on Saturday, September 5 2020. We have three auditions for the age groups 5-8 years (10:00h), 8-13 years (11:20h) and as of 14 years (13:00h).

Participants from our Contest Preparation Camp and from our Contest Training Camp can attend the Audition for free. All others need to pay an organisation fee of EUR 5.

Due to the late start, the intensive workshops will not take place this year. The Contest Dance classes will start – together with the Hobby classes – on Monday, September 21, 2020.