Acrobatic Dance 2021 @ DanceStar

Contest-News: WDM, ADC & Audition

Acrobatic Dance 2021 @ DanceStar

Lara Grünsteidl and Ayleen Sarianidi (World Champions 2021 A League)

Due to logistic reasons, we only have a small but fine contest team at the DanceStar World Dance Masters (WDM) in Opatija, Croatia. We wish our dancers Lara Grünsteidl, Ayleen Sarianidi, Anastassiya Mitina, Kathrin Pirgmayer and Luisa Solowjowa toi, toi, toi for their performances and keep our fingers crossed.

On the following weekend from September 10 – 12, 2021 we are with a bigger team at the Austrian Dance Cup (ADC) in beautiful Bad Ischl. The last preparations for the competitions are underway.

And please do not forget, that already on September 6 and 7, 2021 we’ll have the audition for the contest groups of our Junior Academy. Registration here: /en/contest-intensive-workshops/#registration