WIENXTRA Ferienspiel & KinderAktiv

WIENXTRA Workshops are opened for Registration

WIENXTRA Ferienspiel & KinderAktiv

Dear Dancers, dear Parents!

As of today the registration for our super affordable WIENXTRA workshops is possible on our website.

Also this year we have great courses and workshops for all ages. We are happy, to be able to offer even more courses for ages 10-15 as part of the new FRISH programme.

  • Our Combi Class “Spaß mit Tanzen” (“Fun with Dancing”) as part of the KinderAktiv programme is the ideal entry for our youngest dancers.
  • Our 2-days Summer Dance Workshop as part of the Ferienspiel gives you a perspective on the relevant Jazz and Contemporary elements.
  • Cool moves from a variety of dance styles you can pick up in our 2-days Tik Tok Video Ferienspiel workshop.
  • For the fans of contemporary dance we offer a 2-days Contemporary Dance Ferienspiel workshop.
  • As part of the WIENXTRA FRISH programme we have a new course this year: Acrobatics.
  • As one of the best tap dance schools in Austria, we are very glad to offer a tap dance class this year at trial rates.
  • We also offer an affordable Hip Hop Jazz course this year.

Our one-hour courses cost EUR 2 with a KinderAktiv Card or with reference to FRISH. Our 2-days Ferienspiel workshops are EUR 4, payable on the first day.

All details and registration on

Our full-day, 4-days Summer Dance Camp (SDC) you find at