As of Juni 1st we are back dancing in our Studio! 🎉

Dear Dancers!
Dear Parents!

We are so excited to announce the reopening of our Studio.

Though we all had an amazing time with our ZOOM classes, we are happy to start dancing again in our studios as of Monday, June 1st. We have also prolonged our summer semester until July 18th.

Together with the other dance studios, we have created a set of hygiene and conduct rules to ensure we all have a fun and healthy dance experience.

Rules of Conduct:

  1. Please arrive only briefly before class and wait outside the studio with a face mask. Only active dancers and students are allowed to enter the KBC.
  2. Parents are not allowed to enter the studio. Please make sure to pick up your child punctually outside the KBC! One parent, grandparent or guardian of Combi kids are allowed to bring them into the studio and to pick them up no earlier than when the class ends, provided they wear a face mask.
  3. When entering the KBC, the hands need to be immediately disinfected with the provided disinfectant! The face mask may only be removed in the dance studios.
  4. Only Flatrate and DanceCard owners need to check-in at the reception. For all others the dance teachers will check-off the attendance lists before class.
  5. In the corridors of the KBC, as in road traffic, please stay right to keep from having unnecessary clashes.
  6. Dance clothing: Please wear tights or long leggings with your leotards or have long sport trousers. Socks or dance shoes are required. Bare feet are not allowed. Please try to come already dressed in your dance clothing, as we want the dressing rooms traffic as limited as possible. Therefore, we are not providing locker keys. However, you can store your street clothing in the unlocked lockers! The use of our showers is not allowed at this time.
  7. Please bring your own yoga mat or a big towel for your personal use, especially for dance lessons in which floor exercises are provided.

We have changed the schedule to allow time to air and clean the studios between classes and to have different start times between the studios. Some of our larger classes we have had to separate into two smaller groups for safety measures. We tried to keep friends in the same group. Please pay attention in which dance studio your class is taking place.

We have sent out emails for each course to inform the participants about the new time and/or studio. If you have not received an email, please check the new time/studio on our website.

I thank everyone ahead of time for your support and energy. It is an unusual time, yet we are strong and can dance through this with poise and elegance.

Remember: Don´t Dream it! Be It!

Kristina and the KBC Team