Inez Szabados

Inez Szabados

Inez Szabados, Teacher for Commercial Jazz & Contemporary (Photo: Gerry Frank Photography)

As a kid, Inez started with rhythmic gymnastics but soon switched to hip hop. She went to a high school for dancers and artists and was taught in ballet, latin and standard dance, folk and many more. Modern / contemporary dance became her favourite.

She graduated from the Hungarian Dance University as modern-contemporary dancer and instructor. During her studies Inez taught hip hop and jazz for kids and adults. She founded her own dance company for kids in her home town. Towards the end of her studies she worked as dancer for the Spirit Dance Company in Hungary.

In Croatia she worked as dancer and teacher for Uragan Dance & Entertainment. In 2018 Inez came to Vienna where she teaching now commercial hip hop und commercial jazz (videoclip).

Inez Szabados Inez Szabados