Maria Gabler

Maria Gabler

Maria Gabler

Maria Gabler, Teacher in the Broadway Musical Company

Besides her young age, Maria has already a long career as dancer which brought her to the State Opera (Judith Gerber, Elisabeth Schwarzbauer) and the Vienna Conservatory. Famous artists like KrisTina Decker and Maria Blahous, or Alexandra Young-Schmidt and Lisa Chase influenced the style of the young Viennese.

The mezzo-soprano took vocal lessons from KrisTina Decker, Thomas Frank and Maria Alsatti. For acting and speech training she took lessons from Gudrun Lercher and Nicole Weber.

In 2008 she graduated her Musical Degree at the Broadway Dance Academy with the Stage Readiness Examination by the Joint Commission.

Already during her dance education she tool over solo roles in the ballets Bidlake Wood, Peter Pan, Alice im Spiegel, and ensemble roles in “The Rhythm of Dance”, “Save the Last Dance” and “Young Stars of Tomorrow”.As part of the Kiddy Contest under the lead of Ivana Neuweg (1996-2000) she was on TV together with Prof. Kaiser. She also performed in various musical like “Starlight Express”, “Annie 2.02”, “Bugsy Malone”, “Peter Pan – The Next Generation”, “Cindy’s Dream”, “Akida” (in Theater Akzent), “Starlight Express” in Museums Quarter.

Further engagements at Anastacia’s performance at the LIFE BALL 2006, VAMPIRE, FALCO LEBT!, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and BEST OF DISNEY at Magna Racino.

Maria worked as a choreographer for a know entertainment agency in Cypress. Since 2006 she shares her knowledge with the next generation in the Broadway Connection, especially the Broadway Company. The last years she toured with the flowmotion dance company around the world.