Djali & Tänzer

African Show Dance Workshop


Kristina Decker & SchülerInnen

Kristina Decker with Malian pupils

Kristina’s Broadway Connection is proud to announce our first African Show Dance Workshop on August 13th and 14th, 2018.

As many of you may know, Kristina has been supporting the Mali Kinderhilfe mit Herz Verein for the past six years. She has had the privilege of visiting Bamako in Mali twice to see the progress of what our support and donations have brought to the Malian children.



Papa Wango & Djarli

Djarli & PaPa Wango

Kristina is excited that the Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer of the Mali State African Ballet Company, Djiby Kouyate (PaPa Wango) and his Assistant and Co-Choreographer Djarli Kouyate will be honoring us with a Ritual African Show Dance Workshop.

This Workshop will help you to become a freer and more expressive Dancer. The African movements are rhythmic and strong allowing our bodies to let go and execute expression from our Hearts and Soul.


Workshop 1 (8-14 years)

The workshop will begin on Monday, August 13th for ages 8 through 14 years from 12:00-14:30.

Afterwards at 15:00, a Demonstration Performance will be given by both the Students with the young Malian Show Dance Team for the Parents and Family.


SchülerInnen in Mali

Pupils in Mali

These Original Ritual African Dance Workshops are being given to us asking only in payment of voluntary donations for the Mali Kinderhilfe mit Herz Verein.

Remember, all that we give from our hearts will come back to us in multiples.

Our generosity will mean the world to those in greater need.


Max 25 dancers per workshop. First Come, First Served!!!

Registration on our Broadway Summer Splash page.